Reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering permits the remanufacture of obsolete or scarce items, typically using an original sample as a guide, alternatively an original engineering drawing.

Items can be faithfully replicated in terms of their form, function and materials, or can incorporate improvements, whilst maintaining an authentic appearance.

Typically, a 3D Scan at the outset creates a digital copy of the original and often unique sample. This provides a dimensionally and visually accurate record prior to any dismantling, and the basis for reverse engineering in CAD.

The processes involved demonstrate how modern technology can complement traditional craftsmanship, proving beneficial when remanufacturing in volume, or when skilled labour is better deployed on more demanding tasks.

We are involved in ongoing work in this field and would welcome a discussion about your project, whilst taking advantage of our specialist experience – cars, motorcycles, aircraft and military are all sectors in which we are involved.

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