Mechanical design from project inception to solution delivery

Mechanical design from project inception to solution delivery

We offer a versatile and comprehensive solution to engineering challenges.

We promise a common sense and confidential approach to any project and wish to build trusted relationships. We promote a pragmatic way of working, based on a sound practical background allied to professional qualifications.

Our capabilities

3D Scanning

Our hand held, portable, engineering grade 3D Scanner permits the scanning of a wide variety of items in terms of their material, size and texture.
CAD Drawing Services

CAD Design

We work from your design brief in a confidential and collaborative manner, within an agreed timeframe.

3D Printing

We offer 3D Printing using the SLA process, whereby a laser progressively cures a bath of resin. The result is a product of high definition, smooth surface finish and robust structure.

3D Printing Services

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering permits the remanufacture of obsolete or scarce items, using an original sample as a guide.

Sub-Contract Manufacture

We provide a “request to supply” service, taking your drawings and sourcing manufacture in order to replenish stock, remanufacture formerly obsolete stock or to replace damaged or failed items.

We are interested to discuss your requirements and to provide you with a solution to your projects.

We're ready to talk to you on a confidential basis.