3D Scanning

Our hand held, portable, engineering grade 3D Scanner permits the scanning of a wide variety of items in terms of their material, size and texture.

The scanner faithfully captures the shape and proportions of the subject at 1:1 scale and with an accuracy of 0.3mm over a volumetric metre. The resulting data is imported directly into CAD for the purposes of modelling or surfacing, thereafter to manufacture by any digital means.

The versatility and accuracy of our 3D Scanning service is often the first process to be undertaken on a relevant project.

Our 3D Scanning services are often used in the motorsport, vehicle, medical and remanufacturing industries.

For example:

  • When reverse engineering an item.
  • When adapting the form of an existing item into a new or complimentary design.
  • When installing contemporary componentry into an existing space.
  • When scaling an existing item.

We post process scan data to remove unwanted detail and provide the data as an .stl or .stp file for import into CAD.

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