3D Printing

3D Printing...it's all the rage, but not all printers, or the service offered, are the same.

We offer 3D Printing using the SLA process, whereby a laser progressively cures a bath of resin. The result is a product of high definition, smooth surface finish and robust structure. Being a small, agile business allows us to be efficient and competitive within this dynamic market.

We offer a broad range of engineering grade materials, including:

  • Flexible, silicone-like – suitable for soft, tactile items such as the buttons on a TV remote control, alternatively, sealing solutions.
  • High temperature resistant (238° C).
  • Low temperature resistant – suitable for the investment casting process because the resin melts away with applied heat.
  • Stiff, high Yield Strength.
  • High stiffness, high Tensile Strength.
  • Medical grades – suitable for a broad range of items including those that will be in contact with the skin, tools, jigs and fixtures and drug delivery devices.
  • Dentistry grades – suitable for such applications as permanent crowns or veneers, occlusal guards and surgical tools and guides.
  • Tough and durable – suitable for items such as clips, which are required to bend and return to shape or parts that need to resist impact.

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